Advisory – getting it right from the start

Advisory tops Auris Relocation’s service pyramid.

Auris Relocation advises on all aspects of global mobility. Our advisory service provides substantial added value both before and after our clients set up business in Switzerland.

When clients ask Auris Relocation for advisory services, we help them adjust their relocation strate-gies as necessary within the Swiss context that we know so well. Existing human resource processes and policies also profit from the valuable perspective Auris brings to the table.

Auris Relocation provides this service to top management and HR and talent management departments. This is advantageous for small and large corporations already located in Switzerland or planning to move to Switzerland. Auris clients benefit from our intimate knowledge of the Swiss context, our multiple key contacts, and our valuable experience in corporate moves.

As part of our all-round service, we also:

  • help clients address issues that can arise when setting up or expanding a company in Switzerland
  • complement hard figures and tax information with «soft» factors
  • provide entirely impartial advice because we have no ties to any particular region

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Immigration – trust Auris to get it done 

Turning the immigration process into a positive experience all round.

Dedicated immigration specialists at Auris Relocation are experts in navigating the administrative path to success amidst rapid changes on a global scale. Knowing how to approach the local authorities, what is required from the applicants, and managing expectations is the added value when addressing Auris Relocation.

Our modular service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Immigration advisory and updates on new regulations
  • Application for work and residence permits for EU/EFTA citizens
  • Application for work and residence permits for non-EU/EFTA citizens
  • Family reunion
  • Visa support services in home countries
  • Local registration after arrival in Switzerland
  • Applications for permit extensions
  • Departure formalities

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Cross-Cultural Training – indispensable for smooth, painless social integration

Auris offers bespoke advice and coaching on the art of fitting into your new environment.

At Auris Relocation, our qualified cross-cultural training specialists help newcomers to Switzerland interact successfully with their new teams and host-society and avoid pitfalls. This kind of training reduces culture shock for international assignees and increases the likelihood of a successful posting abroad. At the same time, it helps them better communicate with their colleagues, establish bonds, and build respect, trust, and ultimately, success in the workplace.

No less important than fitting into the business environment is cultural integration in daily life. And for this reason, Auris Relocation offers cross-cultural training specifically dedicated to the needs of accompanying family members to facilitate their first steps in a new cultural environment.

Our modular service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Cross-cultural training inbound 
  • Cross-cultural training outbound 
  • Language training
  • Job search advisory

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Global Mobility Management – at home worldwide

Our passion for the global experience is ongoing: useful when you decide to move on.

At Auris Relocation we have built up a wealth of know-how in Global Mobility Management through our years of experience working in close collaboration with inter­nationally active companies. For outgoing projects, we assist human resources departments and talent management teams from the time they develop and then implement guidelines for organizing postings abroad and personnel transfers.

Our modular service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Policy consulting on personnel relocation
  • Relocation management, assistance with postings abroad
  • Property management for absent employees
  • Cross-cultural and language training for outgoing employees
  • Move management

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Destination Services and Move Management – change can be so positive

Auris takes care of the details to keep your transfer as smooth as possible.

Consultants chosen for this important phase of global mobility are local, sociable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Auris knows the value of a smile, and makes this a pleasant experience for all.

Our modular service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Human resources strategy and corporate policy consulting
  • Orientation
  • Arrivals
  • Schooling and childcare advisory
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Furniture rental coordination
  • Home search
  • Property purchase
  • Settling in
  • Move management 
  • Helpline
  • Group moves
  • Vehicles
  • Corporate housing management
  • Departure services 

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