We are at home everywhere in Switzerland, and here to make you feel at home as well.

Basel area Berne area Genevaand neighboring France Lucerne and Central Switzerland Lugano area Zug area Zurich and Eastern Switzerland Lausanne Neuchatel

For general information:


Basel area

Auris Relocation AG
Sandgrubenstrasse 44
CH-4058 Basel

Berne area

Auris Relocation AG
Spitalgasse 24
CH-3011 Bern

Geneva and neighboring France

Auris Relocation SA
Rue de Saint-Jean 73
CH-1201 Genève


Auris Relocation SA
Chemin de Contigny 3
CH-1007 Lausanne

Lucerne and Central Switzerland

Auris Relocation AG
Winkelriedstrasse 35
CH-6002 Luzern

Lugano area

Auris Relocation SA
Via Maggio 1C
CH-6900 Lugano


Auris Relocation SA
Rue de l’Arnel 16
CH-2112 Môtiers – Neuchâtel

Zug area

Auris Relocation AG
Alpenstrasse 13
CH-6300 Zug

Zurich and Eastern Switzerland

Auris Relocation AG 
Sternenstrasse 12
CH-8002 Zurich