AAA and ARO: Twin-track access to Auris expertise

Every Auris service package provides access to two online platforms packed with valuable in-depth information. These keep transferees and HR up to speed on critical aspects of the relocation process. Transferees and accompanying family members receive instant, easy access to both tools upon service initiation.

AurisAdvisoryApp – AAA

This App offers a wealth of detailed information about all aspects of relocating to Switzerland. Content is divided into 18 categories covering relevant topics such as immigration, real estate and healthcare. Articles of general interest apply to the whole of Switzerland, while others address issues of more local relevance. Examples include local public transport, shops, sports clubs and international associations. Articles also feature direct links to websites and essential email addresses and telephone numbers, which are continuously updated. The non-commercial App features no advertising, is fully funded by Auris and further guarantees the impartiality of the advice we give.

AurisRelocationOnline – ARO

This personal communication tool contains all the content relevant for transferees in an environment that enables secure information exchange and provides real-time insights into the status of each authorized service. The application focuses on collecting relevant personal information from transferees and their families and exchanging details about selected properties during the home search process. In addition, the tool offers reporting options to clients and HR departments.