Networked thinking – expert delivery


With multiple offices throughout the country, Auris covers the regions people want to be in. With skill and enthusiasm, we share our insider knowledge of the pros and cons of each area. Every member of Auris’ highly qualified team has great personal commitment to their work, and impeccable local knowledge combined with various enriching personal specializations. 


Precise analysis of customer requirements is a core strength at Auris. Listening and understanding make it possible to implement an expert solution. Our internationally experienced, multilingual team has the ability to address diverse cultural and professional backgrounds with a personalized approach. Built on this foundation of trust, Auris Relocation renders solutions geared precisely to the requirements of our customers.


A high degree of personal commitment and motivation characterizes Auris Relocation. We are considered genuine partners, providing the personalized framework of information needed to make the best decisions. At Auris we place our know-how and individual abilities entirely at the service of our clients. 


Auris Relocation has in-depth knowledge of the local property markets and is well respected by the players in local real estate. We supply comprehensive and specific recommendations, networking our way to attractive properties not readily available on the open market in Switzerland.