Auris Relocation – Excellence in Advisory 

Auris Relocation offers a comprehensive range of vital advisory services for companies, their employees and individuals planning to settle in Switzerland as well as for personnel transferring abroad. At Auris Relocation, we are experts in listening. Listening is both the origin of our company name, and the very heart of the best professional relationships. We listen, analyze, orient and guide, all the while generating the trust and confidence so important when transitioning to a new environment. 

Upstream advisory

Auris is highly appreciated for its upstream advisory to top management, to human resources, to talent management, to individuals. We have a rich accumulated knowledge of the culture, the country, as well as the political and regulatory context. This allows us to strategically advise, suggest policies, and highlight potential challenges in time to act upon them.

Award winning

Auris Relocation has relevant nationwide experience in immigration and in international mobility. We have been working in depth since 2001 for a continuously growing list of sizeable global companies. We are the preferred Swiss provider for several global relocation companies, repeatedly winning awards for excellence. Auris Relocation is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association). We were awarded the EuRA Quality Seal in 2010, a recognition that has been renewed consistently since.


The largest privately owned and independent relocation company in Switzerland, Auris has a unique and enviable position. Our independence guarantees that the advice we supply is absolutely impartial and in accordance with the objectives of our clients.


Auris Relocation is a stable company with a healthy structure, a welcome reassurance in this quickly changing world. Continuous quality can be relied on with Auris.