"Our goal is that newcomers soon feel just as comfortable as Auris employees do when living and working in Switzerland."

  • Adrian von Moos
  • Mark Buckmaster
  • Sjoerd Broers
  • Myriam Gaillard
  • Steffen Fleischer

Sjoerd Broers

CEO, Managing Partner
PhD in Natural Sciences (ETH Zurich)
Equity4life: investment manager for a private equity fund
McKinsey & Company: manager for business consulting projects
German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian
music, cello, travel
“For us, one of the most exciting challenges is to turn expectations and wishes into reality.”

Steffen Fleischer

Director Business Development

University of California, San Diego, MBA International Business Management
University of California, Irvine, Product Development and Management
Business School Lucerne, Federal Diploma in Engineering Management

IBM, Key Account Manager
IONAIR, Int. Sales Director
Buss Immobilien, Project Manager

German, English, Spanish, French

cycling, tennis, hiking, reading, travelling, architecture and design

Switzerland, Germany

Seamless integration is my goal for you. I want my clients to
love Switzerland the way I do without worries or fears for
their family or themselves as they settle into their new home.


Myriam Gaillard

Director Business Development

University Degree in Sociology, France
University degree and international diploma, USIU, San Diego, USA
University degree in Communication, Broodale College, Lincroft, USA

MG wedding planner, Geneva: wedding planner, agency founder
GWIT (Geneva Women in International Trade), Geneva: event manager
Japanese Tobacco International, Geneva: communication manager
Serono S.A., Geneva: communications and public relations coordinator

French, English

ballet dancing, travel, cinema

France, Switzerland

“I like to offer a personalized service to our clients and satisfy their needs and wishes.”


Mark Buckmaster

Regional Director

Diploma in Management and Human Resources
Swiss Federal Certificate of Employee in Real Estate

Bilfinger Real Estate, Geneva, real estate manager
Keller Relocation, Geneva, area manager
Packimpex, Geneva, technical consultant
Société Privée de Gérance (SPG), Geneva, real estate manager

English, French

cooking, travelling, being with my family and friends

United Kingdom

“All clients are different but they all have the same goal, find a place to settle. My goal is to find the right place for them.”


Adrian von Moos

Regional Director

Master Bilingual Translation, University of Westminster London
Master English & German Linguistics and Literature, Universities of Zürich and Edinburgh

translator and editor
content provider Gerber GMC, Zürich: journalist
Thomson Reuters, Zurich: data & compliance specialist

German, English, French

film, literature, travelling


Genuine and respectful intercultural dialogue is the key to effectively achieving mutually beneficial aims: a new home.


Michèle Lévy

Relocation Consultant
Federal certificate of proficiency in banking
Continuing education in banking and real estate business
Bank Sarasin: executive assistant
Houses renovations including interior decoration
Property owner IMEXA real estate company
German, English, French
painting, design and sewing of clothes, reading, travelling, art
Switzerland, Peru
“It’s always been a fulfilling experience if I am able to contribute to the well and home feeling of my clients in this wonderful Basel trinational neighborhood. I am convinced that my professional skills, my commitment and my broad network help my clients to feel local from the first day of their stay.”

Lucy Pärli

Relocation Consultant
Federal diploma in Business administration
Master in German and French literature, University of Berne
Master in Education - German and French, University of Berne
Consultant for mother's and child's health LLL
Swiss Radio Broadcasting DRS, St. Gallen and Berne: secretary editorial office
HVA, Berne: french teacher (secondary school)
Parent’s magazine WirbelWind: editorial staff
Consultant for mother’s and child’s health
German, French, English, Italian
cooking, reading, cycling, hiking, horseback riding
“My desire is to help people manage transitions in life by inspiring a positive outlook on every new situation.”

Billie McCormack

Relocation Consultant

Federal Diploma in commerce
IT, Recruitment, Media, Commercial Training
Interior Architecture Consultant

iET SA, Stamford: Global IT Recruitment Consultant
TeleBärn: Editor, Media Consultant
AXA, Zurich Insurance Group: Administrative Assistant

German, English, French

design/architecture, film, reading


«Working for many years with expatriates from all over the world, I understand your concerns and questions. My mission is to provide a home from home for you.»


Lilian Gall

Relocation Consultant

Media Training Centre, Lucerne: Further training in video journalism, presentation, TV & radio production
Swiss Acting Institute, Zurich
Hotel Management School Thun, Federal Diploma as hotelier and restaurateur
Ecole Supérieur de Commerce Neuchâtel, Degree
State-qualified ski instructor, Austria

News input: Video journalist: Producer and presenter
TBA AG and Musikvertrieb AG: Promotion Manager's Assistant A&R
Arlberg Ski School, St. Anton, Austria: Ski instructor
M/S Symphony Italy: Information hostess

German, English, French, Italian

my family, skiing, wakeboarding, guitar, theatre

Switzerland, Austria

«Knowing from my own experience  building up a new life in another country comes with a lot of emotions and questions. My goal is to support you and provide professional advice to help you get started here in Switzerland.»


Silvia Fiorini

Relocation Consultant

Federal commercial apprenticeship in travel retailing

Modules of history and history of art “Patrimoine et Tourisme”, University of Geneva

Travel agent, travel guide in Athens, Product Manager for Stohler Tours in Geneva (Indian Ocean and Southern Africa), administration employee at the student residence Home Saint Pierre in Geneva

German, French, English, Italian, basic knowledge of Spanish

travelling, hiking, art, reading, rowing, cooking

Switzerland, Italy

«So many things have to be considered until you can finally say: this is home ! I’m here to assist you.»


Barbara Haldi

Relocation Consultant

Swiss federal diploma in commerce

Diploma in International Trust Management

Diploma in Family Business Advising

Commercial employee in import/export company

Accountant and client service manager for an international fiduciary company belonging to a Swiss private bank.

Co-founder and director of a company specialised in Trust and Offshore fiduciary management

Founder and owner of Prestige Family Office


French, English

cinema, travelling, oriental dance


«Every customer is unique and deserves the best of services. My goal is to make their installation as smooth as possible. Their well-being is my priority.»


Eva Van Ermengem

Relocation Consultant

Masters in Translation at University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Degree in Hospitality Management, Training and Consultancy at Hotelschool The Hague, The Netherlands

Bachelor in teaching at CVO Kisp in Gent, Belgium. 


Customer service Assistant at Thomas Cook, Gent,  Belgium,

Sales and Administrative, Tal Antwerp, Belgium

Relocation Consultant at C2you!, Geneva, Switzerland,

Destination and Relocation Consultant at Packimpex, Geneva, Switzerland


French, English, Dutch, German, Portuguese

cycling, skiing, travelling


«Making you and your family feel welcome and at ease while assisting you with all different aspects of relocation in Geneva: that is my job!»


Sylvie Chassagnade

Relocation Consultant

Diploma of The University of Paris V in Communication and Public Relations; Paris, France
Certificate of the School of Journalism of Paris, France
Certificate of English Language from the University of San Rafäel; California, U.S.A
Diploma from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design; Birmingham, U.K.

Communication Manager for Mitsubishi and Loewe TV & Appliances; Paris, France
Marketing Assistant for Seiko&Lassale watches; Paris, France
Public Relations Assistant for multi-branded companies; Paris, France
Welcome committee member of International newcomers of the United Nations and multinational companies at Cagi – Geneva Welcome Center; Geneva, Switzerland

French, English

tennis, skiing, hiking, art, humanitarian work at soroptimist international Genève

French, Swiss

«Having moved several times, I know what it means to be an expat. I want to help you settle in your new home with a personalized service, tailored to your needs.»


Christine Matter

Relocation Consultant and Immigration Specialist

Federal diploma in commerce

Swiss Bank Corporation, Lausanne and Basel: Administrative Assistant
CIC, New York: administrative assistant

French, English

culinary arts, decoration, travel


«I will not rest until you feel at home here.»


Véronique Françoise

Relocation Consultant
Master in History and Geography, Paris
Postgraduate Studies in Sociology, Paris
Postgraduate Studies in Tourism and Heritage, Geneva
Economical sciences teacher, Bamako, Mali
French teacher, Atlanta, USA
Librarian, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Tourist guide, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
French, English
music, ski, hiking
France, Switzerland
“One goal: Find the most suitable integration solutions along with each individual client, with commitment and efficiency.”

Corinne Bischoff

Relocation Consultant

Business School Swiss Hotel Association

Continuing education in the Social Sector

Hotel administration and management in Switzerland and in Swaziland, South Africa

Advisor/Coordinator in the Social Sector for the Swiss Red Cross, Social Services Dietikon and Asylum Organisation Zurich

Project Assistant in Development Cooperation Agency, HEKS Interchurch Aid

Office Manager and Personal Assistant, Private Lawyer’s Office/Family Office

German, English, Afrikaans

socialising with friends and family, riding, fitness training, reading


«With my personal experience living abroad and working in multicultural environments, I know what it takes until you feel at home in a new country. I will do everything I can to make it easier for you to call Switzerland home!»


Maria Good

Relocation Consultant and Immigration Specialist

Federal diploma in business studies
IT certificate, SIZ
Apprentice trainer and expert examiner

Procter & Gamble, Geneva: export clerk
ESCO Travel Agency: travel guide
Economic Development Office, Zug: secretary

German, English, Spanish

hiking, skiing, tennis


“I am only satisfied with my work once customers have arrived safe and sound in Switzerland and are happily settled in.”


Manuela Hüsser

Relocation Consultant
Tourism assistant with Federal diploma
Diploma as director’s secretary, GEC
United World College of South East Asia, Singapore
Primacy Relocation: community living consultant
EF International Language Schools: consultant
Harry Kolb travel agency: far east travel administrator
Hotelplan: responsible for special travel and long-distance flights
German, English, French, Spanish
sport, travel, cookery
“Apart from laptop and phone, the most important tools for a relocation consultant are
empathy, improvisational skills and multitasking.”

Judith Portmann

Relocation Consultant

Federal commercial banking apprenticeship
Training teacher for apprentices

Zug, Geneva, Lausanne, Brunnen: banking and tourism specialist
Geneva: HR consultant and public relations
Central Switzerland: freelance journalist for NSZ

German, English, French, Italian

cycling, tennis, travel, hiking, choral singing, photography


“It isn’t always easy to fulfil a customer’s wishes. But I’ve even managed to find a home for a bright red rubber boat.”


Christina Ghirlanda

Relocation Consultant
Continuing education in sales and marketing
Travel agent, Business School Zurich
Language Travel Centre Zurich: sales manager
Cathay Pacific: sales manager and Milan call centre manager
Qatar Airways: sales consultant
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
travel, nordic walking, culinary arts
“Getting to know different cultural aspects is something I find enriching, both professionally and personally.”

Valérie Henger

Relocation Consultant
Business School Zurich, Federal Diploma
UCLA Los Angeles, continuing education in management
Personal Trainer
Swissport KLM / Air France: ground staff
Swissair: senior cabin member
Migrosbank: responsible for payment transaction Inbound
French, German, English
workout, piano, yoga
Switzerland, France
“For your well-being, it should be important to have a rapid and easy integration. It would be a pleasure to assist you!”

Verena Krummenacher

Relocation Consultant
Continuing education in marketing and sales
Clinique: training manager
Christian Lacroix: sales and marketing manager
Essilor: sales manager
CWK Cosmetics: product manager
German, English, French
golf, hiking, travel
“I really enjoy introducing international customers to the regional characteristics of our country.”

Sonja Schweizer

Immigration Specialist

Master Degree in Business Administration, University of  St. Gallen (HSG)

Postgraduate courses in international HR Management and solution oriented coaching

UBS AG, Recruiter for Investment Banking

UBS Asset Management, Client Relationship Manager Human Resources

Swiss Life AG, HR Business Partner

UBS Corporate Center, Project Manager for global HR projects and IT applications

German, English

riding, reading, family


«To make the complex legal requirements of immigration easy to you is my goal.»


Claudia Pouliot

Relocation Consultant
Bachelor in Business Administration, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Diploma in IK Kinesiology IKAMED
The Nuance Group, Switzerland: assistant buyer
Lindt & Sprüngli AG, Switzerland: buyer - raw material
Saputo Inc, Canada: various positions in operations and human resources
French, English, German
tennis, nordic walking, reading, traveling
“As a Canadian living in Switzerland, I would like to share my experience so our customers feel comfortable and at home.”

Franziska Rusca

Relocation Consultant

Dolmetscherschule Zürich (interpreters school)
Wirtschaftsmittelschule Bern (middle school, business studies)

translator and interpreter
IT industry: entrepreneur
Swiss Television: journalist
Swiss Radio International: journalist

German, English, French, Italian

travel, reading, animals


«As the daughter of a diplomat, I have travelled half the world. In my work for Auris, the world now comes to me.»


Caroline Villiger

Relocation Consultant

Master in Business Administration of the University of St. Gallen

Continuing education in digital communication and web design

Consulting in strategic marketing and digital communication within own company

Marketing Management and Strategy in diverse positions of fast moving consumer goods companies, such as Unilever, Allied Domecq, Hero

German, English

riding, hiking, reading


«I look forward to supporting you to feel quickly at home abroad.»


Ilaria Bonadies

Relocation Consultant

Certificate from Commercial Business Schoo, Counsellor (training in progress)

25 years in the banking industry, mainly in the Compliance and Business Risk Management department.

Italian, German, English

cultivating healthy relationships, reading, yoga

Switzerland, Italy

«A move to another country is always a challenging experience for all parties involved. Let me help you to settle in smoothly and you will soon feel at your ease in Ticino.»


Beatrice Cayetano

Relocation Consultant

Master of Arts, University of Lausanne

Tourist guide and communication module, University of Geneva

Collaborator in an art gallery, Lausanne

Children workgroups in a museum, Lausanne

Writing articles on etching, binding and art edition Setting up exhibitions

French, English, Italian

art, travelling, culinary arts, reading


«I wish to be the person newcomers can trust to help them feel at home in Switzerland.»


Silvia Schmid

Relocation Consultant and Immigration Specialist

Chemist with Swiss diploma Further training in business affairs

Training as first aid instructor

Business administrator at Stöcklin Förder- und Lagertechnik

Kitchen administrator at Schmid Küchenbau AG

First aid instructor German and English at Relax-Drive GmbH

German, English, French

music, reading, cooking


«Relocating to another country can be exciting and confusing at the same time. My priority is to dispel your concerns and ensure that your relocation is a positive experience. I would like to help you feel at home in our beautiful country.»


Priska Hoffmann

Human Resources Manager

Swiss Federal diploma in Social Insurances,
Expert in Social Insurances & Human Resources Management

Sulzer International Inc., Winterthur: Human Resources Assistant
AXA Insurance Company, Winterthur: Business Consultant International Pension Funds Solution
Qualibroker AG, Zurich: Broker Consultant / Human Resources Manager
Integralis Personal Treuhand AG, Uster: Human Resources Consultant

German, English

Sports, Reading, Travelling


«To be there for the concerns of the employees is my personal vocation and to find fair solutions my daily challenge.»


Corinne Seran

Relocation Consultant

Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Banking
Continuing Education in Finance and Estate Planning

Private Banking and Trust Executive
Client Relationship Manager and Personal Assistant to the Owner of a private Family Office
Personal Assistant to a Private Business Investor

German, English, French, basic knowledge in Spanish

travelling, spending time with family and friends, skiing, reading


«Relocating is an exciting project and I am very pleased to be helping you settling into this wonderful country you will hopefully soon call home!»